Taking a global leader to the farmlands of NZ

Australasian marketing partners to global auto leader. 

Marketing strategy balances long and short game to grow NZ market share for Polaris.

Bringing local market share to the next level

Polaris is the world’s biggest name in side-by-side and off-road vehicles. We were chosen to help bring their local market share to the next level. Knowing farmers, we understand their attitudes and behaviour when it comes to deciding on their next big ticket purchase. So we know that the biggest wins are to be made in aligning the shape of their marketing communications to their buying journey.


Transforming the approach to marketing

In 2018 we have been transforming the approach to marketing from the ground up, realigning media investments to distinct communications objectives that will efficiently balance the long game of predisposition with the immediate need to convert those ready to buy (and many of the bits in between).

Evolving marketing strategy

Our marketing strategy is an evolving end-to-end solution, closing the loop by ultimately growing customer demand and connecting it with the dealer network. From multi-tiered ‘challenger brand’ campaign development to building direct partnerships with publishers and media platforms (and their user data) from implementing marketing automation systems to crafting local-area media solutions.


When the world leaders want to get on top of the NZ market, we help them do it, by taking long-held industry marketing practises off road.


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