Global Agency for DeLaval

We are one of the world’s leading dairy industry agencies.

Based in Sweden with operations in more than 100 countries, 5,000 employees and many more dealers and technicians, 18 production plants and global revenues in excess of $2bn dollars; DeLaval is the world’s leading supplier of milking and dairy farming systems to the world’s dairy farmers.

And yes – their agency is based in Hamilton, New Zealand.


Having a client with three major marketing hubs (Stockholm, Chicago and Beijing) as well as product and market specialists around the world – has meant that we have had to embrace a mindset and technology to provide support that makes our location irrelevant.

This means Hamilton to Wellington is really not going to be a problem.

We have also found that being the team responsible for creating global campaigns and brand standards and working with local agencies to help them adapt them to local tastes has made us better when we are on the other end of a brand standard or campaign as set by another agency.


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