Loyalty Programme

National launch of Challenge’s loyalty programme. 

Hyper-local launch campaign attracts 42,000 new members by week 10.

We made it local

When Challenge sought an agency to bring a new loyalty programme to life across NZ, we made it local. The successful launch of Challenge Fuel’s new loyalty programme required not only more frequency and spend from existing customers, but also attracting new customers to switch to the brand. As ever we needed to ‘sell + brand’.



Locals get it

The My Challenge programme was built around customers’ ability to share rewards with outlet-specific community initiatives. Our research helped us uncover how important it is for Kiwis to be part of their communities – we all want to ‘be a local’. So we introduced the idea, close to our own hearts, ‘locals get it’. The campaign idea helped our audience come to see their My Challenge membership as proof of them ‘being a local’.



Getting amongst local communities

To efficiently reach as many relevant New Zealanders as possible, we prioritised data-informed segments. Our paid-reach media sought attention and prompted engagement. We overlaid geographic data to hyper-localise both digital and offline media –  stopping at nothing to get amongst local communities. We developed 82 local social media profiles. We identified dozens of community media, becoming for example the only national brand to advertise in the Maniototo Times.



Optimised user journey

Sophisticated digital tactics effectively converted users to registration and continue to drive greater participation and spend. The My Challenge website and content optimises user journeys toward conversion and registration. Automated email communications continue to drive greater participation and customer lifetime value.


We designed complementary PR strategy to continue earned media interest around community outcomes from programme.


At the 10-week mark we’ve seen over 40,000 new loyalty programme members, and are watching a steady climb in returning customers and customer value.



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