Our Not-For-Profit Business Model

Bettle and Associates is made up of two complementary businesses, our full service advertising agency team, and our recruitment team. To celebrate our 10th anniversary as an agency, our recruitment and template based advertising team became, at the beginning of 2012, a not-for-profit centre within Bettle and Associates. This means all net profit generated by this operation will be distributed annually to selected causes that offer the greatest positive impact on the lives of young people in Waikato.

We have always taken the approach of giving generously to worthy causes and have tended to pick one and put a whole year‘s support behind that organisation. As we have grown, so too has our ability to support our chosen cause. Over the last 12 years we have given financial support to many organisations – the first was The Nest, then Women‘s Refuge and now The Enderley Breakfast Club who we have supported for four years.

It has been great to support such causes, but now we can formalise and grow that support through a not-for-
profit business model that will result in a guaranteed income stream for selected non profit organisations on an annual basis.

We have strong growth targets aimed at maximising the size of this pool of money in future years. And if your organisation is currently spending money on template based advertising we would love to hear from you.