Mother Earth Vege Fruit Sticks Launch:

Who would have thought that adding VEGGIES to a top-selling lunchbox snack would be this successful?

Mother Earth – that’s who!

Always innovating with fresh ideas, and never afraid of risks, in 2017 they launched a new range of snacks with delicious ingredients such as Beetroot, Spinach and Carrot.  The key selling point was not about health though – it was purely about taste.  So we filmed some good looking children eating the bars, captured their real-life reactions, and made a TV ad.  Apparently other children loved them too, as sales of the bars almost doubled with the addition of these three flavours, and supermarkets around the country are almost out of stock within weeks of their launch.

Most advertisers would agree, if you’re going to have a problem, selling out is the one you want!